The Retold tote with wallflowers. Label inside tote reads: "This bag is earth friendly. Made with recycled cotton"
Person in green sweater modeling Retold tote.

The Retold Tote Bag

100% Recycled cotton made in the USA. Big enough for the grocery store or the wine store! Made to meet all your tote needs!

Of course our first Retold merchandise is a tote bag! Our team stands by this bag, we’ve been testing it and its become our daily tote bag. Its cute but more importantly it is highly functional! Perfect for a cheeky shopping trip, the farmers market, or a sunny day out.

📏 How big is The Retold Tote Bag?

The dimensions are 15x20”. Perfect for the market, grocery store- or to transport your Retold bags to the post office!

🧦 What can go into a Retold Bag?

5 wine bottles, a computer with space for all stationaries and much more!

ℹ️ More information:

Bags are made in the USA and with 100% recycled cotton ensuring that we stay true to our mission of #nolandfill.