Find out how Retold can support your business in meeting it’s Recycling and Environmental goals!
Retold is proud to introduce recycling solutions that can be seamlessly integrated into any business. All Retold programs are completely customizable, and we will work closely with you to create the ideal sustainability solution. We recognize that developing in-house recycling programs can be complex, costly and drain manpower. Retold provides turnkey sustainability solutions to enhance customer advocacy, uphold brand values and minimize resource drain. Take a look at our existing programs below and contact our team for more information.
Sustainability As A Service
Retold offers branded Take Back Bags for consumer recycling programs, available on your website, with Retold handling the process.
Events and Education
Retold manages corporate and consumer events with custom recycling and educational components, including textile collection and marketing strategies.
Gain exposure through Retold Rewards by offering our subscribers a discount code for your website when they return their Retold bag.
Retold's dropship program lets you sell their bags on your site, fulfilled by Retold through CANAL. Or, sell directly on
Bulk recycling solution for brands handles large volumes, including branded items, recalls, and damaged or returned goods.

Sustainability as a Service

Retold’s white label recycling program ‘Sustainability as a Service’ enables companies to establish a fully branded recycling solution within 3 months. Retold creates a Consumer Take Back Bag tailored to your brand, available for purchase on your website or in-store. The consumer fills the bag with their unwanted textiles, prints the label from your brand’s dedicated landing page (hosted by Retold), and ships it back to Retold HQ for sorting, recycling, or reuse.

Retold provides a custom, all-inclusive technical solution and backend platform for your brand. The custom program also includes personalized marketing support from launch, ongoing social media promotion, on-site digital assets, messaging guidance, and quarterly reports detailing the total amount of textiles diverted from landfills. Tailored programs can also encompass PR initiatives and in-person events.

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Event PartnerShip

Whether it’s corporate or consumer events, our team can handle it all! The Retold team will collaborate with you to design customized recycling collection events and educational opportunities for Earth Day, National Recycling Day or other relevant timing. Storefronts or offices can purchase bags in bulk for customers/employees to take with them or collect textiles and sent to Retold in bulk. Retold can create signage, postcards, email campaigns, and tailored social media strategy to meet your specific objectives.

Drop-ship Retold bags / sell with Retold

Retold’s Shopify/Canal powered dropship program allows you to offer Retold bags for sale on your own website. Orders are fulfilled by Retold through the CANAL app. By partnering with us, you have the opportunity to earn a commission for every bag that is sold.

Alternatively, you can choose to sell your products directly to Retold customers, featured in our Sustainable Store which is also powered by Canal. Products featured in our Sustainable Store gain access to post-purchase recommendations and enhanced brand exposure.

Bulk Recycle with Retold

Love our service but have more, much more, to recycle? Handling returns, damaged or returned goods, or requiring logo protection? We have you covered! Our team can facilitate large volume recycling ensuring that your brands surplus textiles are appropriately and securely recycled. Retold branding can be used into both customer-facing and internal communications to promote your Sustainability credibility.

Retold Rewards Partnership

Retold’s environmentally conscious consumers are actively seeking Eco-friendly products. Our Reward program offers subscribers the opportunity to explore similar-minded brands. Once they’ve returned their bags, Retold subscribers receive an email featuring Retold Rewards Partners and their corresponding promotions. By collaborating with Retold Recycling, you can foster customer acquisition and expand your customer base

Retold x Boody - A Case Study
Brand Overview: Boody is an eco-friendly and sustainable underwear, activewear, and loungewear brand crafted from bamboo viscose. Boody focuses on simplistic designs, environmentally-friendly materials, and responsible manufacturing methods. Sustainability is at the core of Boody, and they turned to Retold to create a program allowing their customers the ability to donate, upcycle, and recycle unwanted textiles. Boody launched The Second Life bag, a fully branded Retold recycling initiative.

Boody USA

Retold and Boody - Sustainability As A Service: A turnkey consumer mail-based bag service for recycling unwanted textiles. Retold and Boody co-designed the Boody-branded Second Life Bags, available for purchase on The customized bags that align with Boody’s brand image and identity on Retold’s biodegradable recycling bag. Once customers purchase and receive their bags, they fill them with unwanted clothes for recycling, print a label from Boody’s dedicated landing page (hosted by Retold) featuring a unique QR code, and then drop the bag in the mail. The bag is sent directly to Retold HQ for sorting, recycling, or reuse.Throughout the partnership, Boody and Retold have collaborated on messaging, social and email promotions, and PR efforts. Boody leveraged Retold’s logo and program statistics (including the number of pounds diverted from landfills). As a result, Boody has increased their brand transparency and enhanced eco-credibility.

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