The Quarterly Subscription Bag: 6 Clothing Recycling Bags per year

The Quarterly Subscription

Don't want to commit to the Annual? Our Quarterly subscription is perfect for you, get 6 bags and pay in four installments. Earn Retold Rewards!

We'll send you 6 bags over an entire year. Earn RETOLD REWARDS!

Are you an avid recycler? Want to make your lifestyle more eco-friendly? The Quarterly Subscription is perfect for you! Get 3 Retold Bags up front then receive a bag every 3 months thereafter! 

💰 Pay in quarterly Instalments of $24.75 ($99 total per year).

  Each Retold bag that you return is also eligible for ~$15 in Retold Rewards to use at your favourite brands!

♻️ What do you get?

Other than getting the opportunity to save 5 lbs of textiles from being wasted! You get 3 Retold Bags upfront, then you get 1 every three months! All bags come Pre-labelled and with pre-paid postage

📏 How big is a Retold Bag?

Each Retold bag can hold up to 5 lbs. Bag dimensions are 15x15x4” thats about the size of a pillow case.

🧦 What can go into a Retold Bag?

Any and all textiles! Chewed up dog toy? Lost sock? We take it all! We request that you give all textiles a good wash and dry before packing them!

🤔 Have more questions? Read our FAQs for more! 

🤗 Is this not perfect for your needs? Why not try our Annual Subscription or Closet-cleanout?

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